Dr. Friedman at the Taiwan-France ICCM in Taipei / June 17, 2015

Dr. Friedman at the Taiwan-France ICCM in Taipei

Scientific director, Dr. Timur Friedman, presented the OneLab federation within the framework of FIT-Equipex at the 22nd Taiwan-France Industrial Cooperation Consultation Meeting in Taipei. Prof. Friedman’s presentation focused on the FIT IoT-Lab platforms and the benefits available to industries through experimental testing on Internet of Things testbeds. The presence of OneLab at the ICCM follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between FIT partner UPMC and the Institute for Information Industry (III) Taiwan. The signing of this MoU and the increased collaboration between FIT and its Taiwanese partners will lead to the incorporation of III’s IoT testbed into the OneLab federation.

Pictured below with Dr. Friedman is Dr. Ming-Whei Feng, Director General, Smart Network System Institute (SNSI), Institute for Information Industry (III).

The III of Taiwan and OneLab of France collaborate to build Taiwan's ``IoT Test bed'' / Dec 18, 2014

In order to strengthen the international cooperation in technology research, the Institute for Information Industry (III) vigorously makes contact with France under the support of Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Witnessed by Vice Minister Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, III signed MOU with French University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) and Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA). On December 18, 2014, III held ``Internet of Things Forum on Taiwan-French Cooperation'' to discuss constructive cooperation modes and the Internet of Things collaboration fields. Meanwhile, III also took advantage to invite UPMC Vice President Professor Serge Fdida, ENS de Lyon Chair of Department Professor Eric Fleury, and Taiwan's leading experts of the Internet of Things to share opinions and experiences for the related issues, mapping out the future establishment of ``Internet of Things Test Bed Lab (IoT Lab)''in Taiwan.

During this forum,h, III and the research teams of UPMC and INRIA, , discussed thoroughly about the topics relating to Low Power Communication and Delay Tolerant Network and the possible cooperation. Also, OneLab*, supporting by European Union, leading by UPMC, and III made its first arrangements for the cooperation between Taiwan and France to start the operation of ``IoT Lab'' in 2015.Furthermore, Onelab has well-developed in Europe, America, and Asia and made partners with various countries such as Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Brazil as well as Japan and Korea. Not only do they construct ``IoT Lab'' together and conduct technology verification of communication links, but also provide the Internet of Things testing environment for each country to build international testing platform for the application of IoT.

III Executive Vice President Pao Chung Ho indicated that the collaboration between III and French partners to establish IoT Test Lab is to provide Taiwan companies in this field, and will be a perfect platform to test technological products in large scale and the applicability of application services. In France, there are more than 4000 sensors, and with the participation of the other collaborative partners in Europe and future participants like Taiwan, the scale of the testing could be larger and more accurate, so that it could provide significant contribution to Taiwan companies in the Internet of Things industry. The representatives of Tatung, CHT, Advantech, Taiwan Internet Of Thing Alliance (TIOTA), Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, and Yuan Ze University jointly made their appearance at this event indicating the hope and expectation from industrial and academic circles to the collaboration.

UPMC Vice President Serge Fdida stressed further that Taiwan developed deeply in the information and communication field and made great impression on others in the development of IoT application. There are greater opportunities for France and Taiwan to cooperate in the fields such as transportation, energy, and Medicare. In Europe, most of technologies have been developed by user-oriented, but in the future, partners from France can provide assistances of design or establishing a large scale testing. Hope that the collaboration with III this time could bring a solid cooperation between both sides.

In the future, IoT Lab will directly connect two French cities, Grenoble and Strasbourg, and use more than 1000 sensing nodes to support cross border IoT application and service development testing. Hope thatexpedite the developing process of cross border application services provided by Taiwan companies, and level up Taiwan's energy in the Internet of Things industry. III will also actively assist the collaborative research activities between France and Taiwan, establishing successful cooperative models in the hope to stimulate more domestic successful innovative services and to grab collectively the international collaborative business opportunities in the next trend to come.

* OneLab - A European joint test lab project, using cloud platform and connecting multiple labs in various countries to enlarge service scale and increase testing accuracy. https://onelab.eu/team

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